Rain song

2018/04/15 19:59
ICHION NEW SONG " Rain song" This is the song of Zuni,called "Rain song" We recorded vocals at Chaco canyon and appreciate Fernando Cellicion and his family. We respect Zuni and please enjoy this! イチオンの新曲 Rain song ヴォーカルはチャコキ..


Eagle song

2018/04/14 22:17
This is the new song of ICHION. Eagle song We visited Zuni pueblo in last April,and fortunately could meet Fernando Cellicon,Zuni famous musician. He taught us some Zuni songs and finally we could make new song based on Zuni songs..


ICHION new song

2018/04/04 19:41
ICHION NEW SONG vol1 this is the song of Zuni (native American New Mexico). Last year we visited Zuni pueblo,and could meet famous Zuni musician Fernando Cellicion. He taught us some Zuni songs and had great time with us. We recorde..