Short break of 5 minutes living room live



Today we cleaned up our living room.

In May,

We think the world is gradually opening and

is ready to get out from the shell.

And today we cleaned up our musical instruments once, I mean "reset".

Now the world is stepping into new phase,

we never go back to the previous world , I guess many of you feel so,

we have to change the way of thinking about almost everything,


It is the time to do homework ,it is the leftover.

We plan to keep doing home live in this year,

because the situation of music industry is unclear,

most of live venues are closed now and not few are never opened again.

Ans some people wants to stay home and enjoy them safely,easily.

It is surely the one of choice to enjoy music.

Thank you everyone for enjoying our "5minutes living room live"video.

also now we are working on new album.

Please keep in touch,

stay well , relax and peace.


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