This year activity journal movie of ICHION

Hello, we have made the new movie of recording activities of this year.

Due to Covid19 pandemic, we had some periodical moving restrictions in Japan, but we could do live shows and made trips for movie shooting and song hunting.

We usually avoid to contact people for shooting a music video and recording a song.

Staying in a car and cooking by ourselves are also normal options for us.

So it was not hard for us to create musical materials but sometimes we got nervous.

We had 2 streaming live shows in this year, it was a little bit few number of shows for the album releasing year.

But, we think it is miraculous in this situation and would like to thank you to friends below;

co-acts on September 26

YYBY(the event organizer)
Yasushi Yoshida and Kenichi Itoi

Kyoto club METRO
Stuidio ZOT

Also thank you to;

Aurèlie Vandecasteele(HIGHFeeL)
Francisca Hagen (AVO magazine)

In this movie, we used unreleased scene of other MVs and materials of other one.

Please enjoy it and hope having happy holidays!!!