New album has been released !!!


December 6 2020

Finally our new album has released from Belgian music label" HIGHFeeL"


The album title"ORO MIKE MIKE MAY"means splendid shining echo in Ainu language.

The album is available for download and streaming on all platforms,

as well as in a “physical” version (CD + 12-page A4 booklet), in a limited edition.

12-page booklet contains beautiful pictures and the story of the journey for recording of
this album.

Aurélie designed this booklet and CD covers ,you can see her super nice work of both.

And we appreciate contributors for making this album, Aurélie Vandecasteele(HIGHFeeL), and Robyn Long McCammon(supervisor).

and for everyone we meet in the future, hope our echo touch your heart.

You can check and buy our album here !